GARDOW CONSULTING, LLC: Balancing the needs of development, the environment, and agriculture

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Kathryn Gardow founded Gardow Consulting, LLC … because land & food matter. The organization is dedicated to providing multidisciplinary solutions for building sustainable communities with an emphasis on food production. Gardow Consulting, LLC provides a link for the urban/suburban community, the agricultural community, and government.

In agriculture, new horizons are being sought by forward-thinking farmers to grow food sustainably without so many artificial inputs, excess water use, and loss of nutrient-rich topsoil. Food can be grown closer to the consumer, providing superior nutritional value, lowering transportation costs, and preserving the rural landscapes adjacent to the urban areas. These same farmers want to discourage monoculture cropping and eliminate as many pesticides and herbicides as possible to provide the healthiest food for us.

At the same time, communities are searching for ways to create sustainable, livable cities and towns. Planners encourage denser communities, transit and bike options, sidewalks, and multiple types of parks for leisure, organized sports, exploring nature, and protecting water supplies. What is missing? Food. Food production lands are needed close to urban areas to create long-term, livable, and truly sustainable communities.

Kathryn Gardow is uniquely qualified to marry the issues between development and farmland protection, while addressing environmental concerns. Throughout her career, she has worked to facilitate projects and develop solutions to create more sustainable communities. Kathryn collaborates with other professionals including planners, landscape architects, engineers, farmers, and non-profits to create livable communities.


  • Project Management
  • Land Use Planning & Analysis
  • Interdisciplinary Strategy
  • Farmland Conservation
  • Public Speaking
  • Political Advocacy
  • Regulatory Review

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